ColorTunes 是一个足以以假乱真的、使用 HTML5、Javascript 和 CSS3 实现的 iTunes 12 专辑视图,该程序能够自动计算专辑封面图片的颜色并根据其色彩空间,为歌单生成配色。ColorTunes for iTunes 11 版本由 @dannvix@zhusee2 开发,本程序在 ColorTunes for iTunes 11 的基础上做了一些改进。配色算法由 Leptonica libraryMMCQ (Median Cut Color Quantization) 算法提供。

ColorTunes is a HTML5 version of the iTunes 12 album view using Javascript and CSS3, which is able to detect the colors in an album cover and generate color scheme for its track list based on the reduced color space. This version of ColorTunes is based on ColorTunes for iTunes 11, which is developed by @dannvix and @zhusee2. It has made serveral improvements and optimizations for iTunes 12. Color palettes generation is based on the MMCQ (Median Cut Color Quantization) algorithm from the Leptonica library.

演示 · Demo

该演示可能需要最新版的 Chrome、Safari 或 Firefox 浏览器。
This demo may require a latest version of Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

  • Parachutes by Coldplay Parachutes Coldplay
  • Heavy Sky by 65daysofstatic Heavy Sky 65daysofstatic
  • Transatlanticism by Death Cab for Cutie 于是 - Single 邓紫棋
  • Yes! by Jason Mraz Yes! Jason Mraz
  • ‘4 Walls’ - The 4th Album by f(x) ‘4 Walls’ - The 4th Album f(x)
  • E•MO•TION (Deluxe) by Carly Rae Jepsen E•MO•TION (Deluxe) Carly Rae Jepsen

使用 · Usage

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Based on ColorTunes. Developed by @dannvix, @zhusee2 and 太空小孩. Licensed under the MIT license.